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About Us

OpenOne has been founded to invest in projects that target societal advancements in the fields of art, science and technology related to the sector of education and to realize international projects in these fields.



We think “science” is an interpretational guidance mechanism which offers us, people, suggestions about life in line with the phenomena that is tried to be understood and perceived.

In this context, as OpenOne, we are ready to take place in scientific works, carry out experimental studies and implement social projects to diversify science.


We think "education" is any step taken to improve the living and being of living beings through diverse approaches.

As a vision, education must acknowledge raising us as a part of global society and unlimited environment in which we live, by considering us humans as a whole along with any entity surrounding humanity. With this definition, we are open to listen and to evaluate all new projects in the field of education.


We think "art" is a form and transformation of expression of what is thought in this life and beyond, as well as what is tried to be understood and explained.

We will be following the projects which find a place on the spot where art identifies with global improvement and merges with social development. With investments we will make in this area, we aim to bring future generations and art consciousness in compliance with their free personalities and by this means to give opportunity to new understandings and explanations in the society.


We think “technology”, as a sole solution, is a set of modellings designed to offer the living beings the timeous facilities to live together in nature with ease, understanding, welfare and order.

The works we focus on and will accept to our portfolio in the field of technology are the projects where education and technology meet and that we believe will improve the society as to our definition of technology.


We are planning to make a positive contribution to the self-improvement of anyone whom we can reach through our services and to other people around them either directly or indirectly.


We are aiming to create opportunities for the founding of a global society where everyone is open to himself/herself and to each other, and where openness connects with understanding and sharing.


Study Away Project

Overseas Education Portal

We aim to make it possible for all of our students from around the world to have the most positive experience possible throughout their academic lives.

Study Away is an overseas education portal designed to meet the basic educational needs of all students who want to study abroad by providing these students with remote access to educational and related tools, and supplying them with the necessary information, contact information of educational institutions and counseling services.

We create pre-reference points to students so that students from all around the world get matched to the right educational system through our database consisting of over 23000 universities’ information and through our communication and intervention services, and so that they can pursue their education abroad in the country and in the fields they target.


OpenOne Eğitim Hizmetleri A.Ş.

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