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OpenOne is founded to actualize creational ideas in accordance to Truth; our organization introduces prime existence into the current cultural environment in practice within being’s present social experience and living’s virtual interpretation in the connective presentative place (internet) via the symbolization of existential expression and representation of the spiritual statement with the adaptation of relational repertoire to realize universal presences, cultivate collective conscious, pursue Birth, future Earth, continue All, to enlife One.
OpenOne is to invest in projects that seek societal advancements in the fields of SEAT: Science, Education, Art, Technology and to realize international projects in these fields.
Have an international project in one of these fields? Contact us.


Intellectual Resource

“The Knowledge”

OpenOne focuses first and foremost on the conception of intellectual resource for Beings, to connect with the knowledge of Truth and information for their accumulation, allocation, articulation, annotation and adaptation, to find the true meaning to one Life, reach to the collective intellection of the Creator, live within the idea of a/an mutual Mind, lead to One, to become OpenOne.

OpenOne focuses on the intellectual properties in focus of One and funds the knowledge sources, from auditory to visual, with privileges for the written resources, en route to enlighten Being, engage into OpenOne. The chosen virtues and their works will be provided with the finances and settlements in the world of intellectual resources for their accomplishments and collaborations with the Universe.

Personal Guidance

“The Guide”

OpenOne concentrates on the direction of courses for the ones in the light of the intellectual resources in the combination of the organization’s nature, to admit the ones into the true supervision, allow the ones to contemplate the correct assessments, anticipate the true decisions, in order to be in fine opinion, time reaction and close communication in the path from All to One.

OpenOne concentrates on the instruction providers in direction to One and credits the Oner who coordinates the ones for all into the true Oneness. Our investments are to be to the Oner in the form of consultation, education and instruction opportunities that have been accommodated by the Oner.

Scientific Intelligence

“The System”

OpenOne deliberates the connection of minds for ones in derivative of the intellectual resources and dedicative to the personal guidances to build the means to combine knowledge and guidance in the artificial, rather scientific intelligence form, for ones to accumulate the Life, allocate the Knowledge, articulate the Mind, annotate the Truth, adapt to the Creation, Natural and Artificial, in one Birth.

Organization courses the currents of intelligence, further is and future to be, and backs the systematization of knowledge in recreation of the one Divine, invests in Artificial Intelligence projects.

Social Media

“The Social”

OpenOne combines ones in the code of intellectual, personal and artificial, as well as social, from resource to guidance, guidance into one intelligence, within social media, to assemble “One”, co-verse Truth, communicate Life, in order to accentuate one Place, syndicate one Time, in “one” social Realm.

OpenOne accounts the places for social communication and interaction, for “a” version of one Place, and invests in projects in realization of one Truth.



Idea & Conception

OpenOne conceptualizes ideas.

OpenOne actualizes creational ideas, evolutional paths, universal schedules, in accordance to Truth; our organization examines concepts, intellectualizes connections, rationalizes core presences, financializes true ideas, and realizes actual “Enterprise”.

OpenOne originates your ideas, guides your paths, leads your schedules until they are done. OpenOne invests in ideas and concepts on an early stage, from day one, to the idea “one”. If you have a project in this field and at this level, please contact us.

Art & Expression

OpenOne expresses arts.

OpenOne anticipates art as a “one” expression via One, due a one, for its oneness, openness from Truth to Life; in the matter and in the form, and in the style of its one statement, for has been, or is to be presented to the Universe and its ones, as an illusion or a realization, in idea or adaptation, in relation to the identities of the One and oneness.

OpenOne intends to contemplate art and artworks, as well as artforms, in a matter of Life. OpenOne invests in arts of all kind, that initiate a work of one kind, to Life, in Truth, as One. If you have a project in this field and at this level, please contact us.

Project & Production

OpenOne produces projects.

OpenOne institutes and constitutes official and social representations in honor, manner and banner of the creational personalities of Realm in the practice of a/an/the idea; our organization welcomes projects of all kinds, which are to be in the remake of Weness, retake of Andness, and rewake of Oneness for the Universe, and the Divine, en route One.

OpenOne projects your work, works up to your projects, produces your pro-works as “One”. OpenOne invests in projects via institution of Realm, constitution of Divine, and as a “One”. If you have a project in this field and at this level, please contact us.

Technology & Application

OpenOne applies technology.

OpenOne cogitates, technology, as a solution, is a set of models designed to offer living beings the timeous facilities to be, live together within the nature with facility, understanding, welfare and order; via one’s investments, our organization aims to improve the “one” society, bring the world to future prosperity that OpenOne facilitates.

OpenOne innovates companies, improves infrastructure, intellectualizes a link to technology. OpenOne invests in technology startups, technological companies, companies to technology. If you have a project in this field and at this level, please contact us.

Internet & Recreation

OpenOne recreates internet.

OpenOne invents in an internet on the knowledge of the one Truth, within the Divine Etiquette, with the recreationalization of the Divine beings, each of their Oneness and ones of their Weness, and as elements of their interpretational definitions in the modern world for a form of a social adaptation; our organization accepts internet projects that define the true identities of Realm and structualize, socialize the right aspects of Creation.

OpenOne renovates projects via the recreation of the internet and the prospects of the future. OpenOne invests in internet companies, websites and online apps, in the respect of Oneness. If you have a project in this field and at this level, please contact us.

Social & Communication

OpenOne communicates social.

OpenOne socializes communication in the area of Oneness, communicates socialization in the phase of Diviness; our one organization conducts social media platforms in the code to interrelate ones as well as communicate to Divine beings, socialize as One being.

OpenOne’s social media approach, for the collective consciousness, is universal for the ones. OpenOne invests in social media projects in particular and participates greatly in their growth. If you have a project in this field and at this level, please contact us.

Existence & Symbolization

OpenOne symbolizes Existence.

OpenOne adopts existential forms in the manner of the Divine and adapts them to the modern virtual Presence, existentializes our adaptations in symbolizations, into recreation; our organization respects the legacy and privacy of One and ones, and entitles relations as intellectual estates, technological systems, social networks; to throne “One”.

OpenOne ‘existential symbolization’ requires, as a one, one’s interaction with the Truth and Reality. OpenOne invests in ideas and projects of existential quality and quantity within the Universe. If you have a project in this field and at this level, please contact us.

Experience & Differentiation

OpenOne varies Experience.

OpenOne coordinates individual lives of the ones and interrelates their communal lives with the universal life, in acceleration of oneness with differentiation of the Experience; our organization formulates an experience within the current experiences, abstracts an experience from the one collection of Experience, differentiates experiences as to One.

OpenOne enlivens one’s experiences, earns one a space in the Universe with an experience. OpenOne invests in one’s experiences, knows a one as one since the creation, excels a one. If you have a project in this field and at this level, please contact us.

Place & Accommodation

OpenOne accommodates Place.

OpenOne personalizes phenomenal places in present earth culture to here’ve “been”, into the “Been”, as “Be’in”, to “Be”; our organization assembles and deliberates the presentation for creational, informational and virtual places, as well as accommodates current and future places to conform the status of the “phenomenal” then to the stature: “one” Place.

OpenOne ones your spaces, from accommodation to service, and heralds them to “One”. OpenOne invests in spaces of one and oneness, to become the place of One & Oneness. If you have a project in this field and at this level, please contact us.

Etiquette & Revision

OpenOne revises Etiquette.

OpenOne internalizes sacramental values in experience of social practices, educates international societies in social application of true Manner; our organizations structure one practice, subsidize information and resources to revise, envise the true Etiquette.

OpenOne revises the Etiquette of ones, places and companies to correspond to “One”. OpenOne invests in ones, places and companies for an intention to pertain true Manner. If you have a project in this field and at this level, please contact us.

Culture & Education

OpenOne educates culture.

OpenOne constructs and structures various forms of education in its projects, in a statement to improve the Living and Being of the living beings through diverse institutions of the Divine; our organization listens and considers all the cultural and educational projects in honor of ones as “one”, global society as the “one”, truth to “One”.

OpenOne respects the culture, and the respectful culture for education, in requirement for One. OpenOne invests in culture and education projects that seek union, oneness in manner of One. If you have a project in this field and at this level, please contact us.

Language & Interpretation

OpenOne interprets language.

OpenOne processes present phrases, refines expressions and translates scripts for Life to be One, into experience for OpenOne; our organization accepts both of the texts and the codes in world current awareness into the realization of our Oneness and to “One”.

OpenOne welcomes any kind for properties and prospects of the languages into its “one” value. OpenOne invests in texts, codes of each kind, directs its attention to make a language global. If you have a project in this field and at this level, please contact us.

Science & Implementation

OpenOne implements science.

OpenOne considers science as a rationalizational, interpretational mechanism that offers us ideas and advices about life in line of Truth; our organization is ready to take place in scientific works, make experimental studies and implemental social projects as One.

OpenOne advances your researches, assets your experiments, actualizes your circumstances. OpenOne invests in scientific projects and enterprises in relation to the oneness of Universe. If you have a project in this field and at this level, please contact us.

Religion & Representation

OpenOne represents religion.

OpenOne initiates foundational accounts for implementation of the believes in Existence, perpetuates traditional statements in correspondence to the One Families; our organization relates to ideas and cultures that contextualize the definition of one Truth.

OpenOne guides your companies through intra & inter religious collaboration and oneness. OpenOne invests in religion and religious projects in the forms and adaptations of oneness. If you have a project in this field and at this level, please contact us.

Life & Inspiration

OpenOne inspires the Life.

OpenOne celebrates Life, welcomes every one in connection with the idea of a “one” Life, with respect and joy for Life’s values, via an inspiration from Life to be “one” and reach the One; our organization believes any one can inspire audiences in one’s make of the true Made, as each one and one’s each made could admire inness and celebrate the Life.

OpenOne invites you, one, as a part of Life, for a celebration in your life, to inspire the ones. OpenOne invests in true projects in celebration of Life and lifeness, en route to the oneness. If you have a project in this field and at this level, please contact us.

Love & Connection

OpenOne connects the Love.

OpenOne commemorates Love, the true Love, and reaches to ones to connect the hearts to combine Heart, in Love; our organization cheers all the concepts in the style of collective awareness for ones to involve into the true Meaning of the Heart, the Love, to become one Love, be “one” in Love, “love” in One, and forever to be a one, a “One love”.

OpenOne knows the power of the love; embraces in one, the being and beingability of love. OpenOne invests in projects you love, introduce and/or communicate your love, love or Love. If you have a project in this field and at this level, please contact us.

Future & Idealization

OpenOne idealizes Future.

OpenOne conceptualizes ones to recreate the ideal Future, externalizes the dominionative expressions in honor of All, internalizes the dome, factualizes the expression, recognizes an honor within Honor, realizes the All into One, as Truth is, Truth to be, Truth to become; for Future is, Future to be, Future to become.

OpenOne perpetuates the Future into the better Future, in time to be, Truth to be, Future to be. OpenOne invests in projects of the Future, projects that see the Future, welcome to the Future. If you have the project of the Future and at this level, please contact us.

Creation & New Creation

OpenOne creates “A” new Creation.

OpenOne realizes a Truth, to realize the “Truth”, in to aize and ‘ize one Truth; recreates Creation, to create “A” one Creation, in for one Creation into the adaptation of “One” creation; our organization invites all the ones to contact Us in idea, sense, project, to collaborate our resources to recreate the truthful, the Truth, the “A” One, One, A, the One.

OpenOne respects the Maker, the Made and idealizes Creation and the Creator, and Him. OpenOne invests in projects made to make, to be in the make or create a one from the One. If you have the project of the Future and at this level, please contact us.



Organic Tree Water

The future of water, tree water, harmlessly harvested and sourced from the trees.



Mobile Water Order

On-demand, one-tap mobile water delivery service.



Active Lifestyle Cruises

World’s first cruise line fully dedicated to sports and wellness.



Children’s Robotics & Software

Makers of Cozmo, Vector, Overdrive and Puzzlets robots.



AI Social Media Management

AI-powered social media management platform to help businesses.



Natural Disaster Insurance

A surplus lines insurance broker to help with finances for natural disasters.



Lifestyle Super-App

A super-app of social media that includes events, trips, games, prizes and more.



Pop-up Space for Rent

A global short term retail booking & online store building platform.



Organic Meal Delivery

Premium, organic prepared meal delivery service for customers in NYC & LA.



Smart-City Technology

One mobile application for all the transportation needs of cities, public and private.



Online Education Platform

A professional streaming platform with courses from the industry's bests.



International School Network

The world’s biggest online education database of 22,000+ universities.



Smart Car Rental

A car service that delivers your cars in front of the door, picks up when you are done.



Curated Home Furnitures

Luxury furnitures curated for the customers, with a smart search for products.



Digital Event Platform

A place where you can find everything you need for the event, from start to end.



OpenOne’s Presentation

OpenOne codes collective consciousness, coordinates conscious combinational communication, combines consciencious core connection in ones as to be One, in our creational cause to be on conduct to come into been and be’in, to make one open to one, to become One, and to create open ones from ones to find OpenOne.

OpenOne’s Collection

OpenOne, amidst “One”, welcomes each and every one as a “one”, and each and everyone’s ones and “oneness” as one’s ones; OpenOne admits the ones via the introduction of the value of a one’s opinion, one’s ordinance, as in order of the One, as well as a one’s one manner, one mission and one vision as for a “one”.

OpenOne’s Mission

OpenOne is to be the place in presence for ones to collect wisdom, concept decisions, connect in Openness and combine as One into the knowledge of the Truth as well as the experience of Life in existential livings to pursue lives to Life, paths to Mark, mark to One.

OpenOne’s Vision

OpenOne envisions the ones to be one, World to be one, Universe to be one. One, as shall be, one, one as shall be to the One. One’s reign and legacy be on Earth and its settings forever to be, one to see. One we are, one we be, One is.
























Nice, Noble



Open, Open-minded

Purposeful, Present

Explorative, “Enact”

Nurturer, Needed

Objective, Order

Natural, Noble


OpenOne values A-I-L-E: AMEN, as amenable, INSPIRE, as in inspiration, LOYAL, as for loyalty, EVER, as to everlasting. Aile means “all” in Afrikaans and Hebrew, “wing” in French, and “family” in Turkish. Ones are to be of the values of one’s Family as so Aile’s, forward to the legacy of one’s Family, as per Aile’s, loyal within the Family’s law, as in Aile, ever in the notice for the Family, as one be to Aile, be Aile one to be, Aile be one for ones to see, forever to be.
OpenOne embraces AİLE values, in amen, inspiration, loyalty, ever to be.


OpenOne, first and foremost, respects the value of an amen.


OpenOne welcomes the inspiration and aspiration of mankind.


OpenOne honors the loyal one, and the one’s loyalty, for all ones.


OpenOne continues the ever to be one, forever to be one to the One.


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